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Re: New coiler, also in search of 15kv

Original poster: "Chris Farmer" <cfarmer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I'm not sure about the GFI thing, what does that stand for? The one I got looks relitively older and makes a pritty good jacobs ladder so I figure it would probably work for a coil... interesting though to hear that I got such a good deal on it though.

~Chris Farmer

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Subject: Re: New coiler, also in search of 15kv

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Well, you did well ;^) because there's usually considerable
competition for the larger NSTs, especially the 15 kV ones
and 15/60's do in fact usually end up around the $100 mark
by the close of the auction, thanks to the last minute (literally)
flurry of ebay snipers. All that I can say about your aquisition
is that you obviously caught the competition "napping" and
that you should consider yourself lucky. BTW, would this
transformer of yours happen to be the newer GFI type?
Coilers don't go as hot for the GFI type because the GFI
feature renders them fairly useless for Tesla service unless
you can figure out how to defeat the internal GFI circuitry.

David Rieben