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Re: Cyclone fence for ground

Original poster: Gomez Addams <gomezaddams@xxxxxxxxx>

On Jul 28, 2006, at 3:15 PM, Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: <davep@xxxxxxxx>

> Yes It is galvanised chainlink. I figured it was probably not a good
> idea, but thought  I'ld ask. I also thought about what someone on
> list mentioned a few months back, about using a chickenwire grid
> the coil. He claimed it was as effective as several 8 foot ground
> rods, even with a very big coil.
   BURIED a cahin link fence might not be bad.
   Upright, iffy.

   My impression is that the usual 'chicken wire' ground is to
   be used nuried.

Wouldn't a mesh or plate of sufficient area "capacitively couple" to the
earth / ground at the frequencies of interest?  Useful for the RF ground
of the secondary, but not for 60 Hz safety, obviously.

IIRC, Greg Leyh mentioned when I talked to him at Burning Man that he
had found that flat plates worked better than driven rods for the
ground, although he was burying his flat plates a few inches down, since
there is salt-laden moisture within a foot of the surface there.

 - Bill "Gomez" Lemieux

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