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Re: Ball Lightning Experiment - Don't try this at home

Original poster: Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

At 06:02 AM 7/29/2006, Tesla list wrote:
Original poster: "Peter Terren" <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

In fact I think the experimenters should not have conducted this in the lab in that manner either. They were using 5kJ without ear or eye protection and apparently standing within a foot or two of the discharge. That is the aspect of that photo that I find the strangest. I do many large cap bank experiments up to 5kJ. I am out of the line of sight and perhaps 20 feet of more away at higher energies due to exploding copper pieces that can penetrate wood. Think two or three AK47 rounds being fired as the equivalent energy. I always use eye and ear protection. While the energy may be contained in water and the discharge is slower, the potential for things to go wrong is always there. Distance is your friend here and I remote trigger my bank with a 100% reliable 30ft string. I do all my stuff at home but safety is an issue you have to be acutely aware of. Unfortunately it is an area that noobs can take short cuts in and put themselves at risk.

Which has several side effects, some good/some bad:

1) Near death experiments are great learning experiences.. you tend not to make the same mistake twice, and there's a great incentive to learn how to "do it right" afterwards 2) Near death experiments help separate out folks who aren't serious: "OK, I'll go find something else to do." 3) If it really goes awry, the "darwin award" concept takes over. {They really won't make that mistake again} 4) Unfortunately, if it goes wrong, it can lead to calls for regulation "We must stop this pernicious hazard to our citizens"


Original poster: "Garry Freemyer" <garryfre@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I see you day don't try this at home.
How do I do this while not being home?
So, can I go to a friends house and try it?
Do I set a video camera up outside in the parking lot and drop the pellet
and run like hell?
I just find it funny that so many sites say don't try it at home but then
tell you how to do it anyway. :)