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Re: Ball Lightning Experiment - Don't try this at home

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 Hi Peter,

 Distance can be your friend but if you don't have that
 luxury, then a sturdy containment vessel is the next best
 thing. I use a containment vessel with solid 1/8" thick
 walls and a lid of the same with a 1/2" thick lexan "win-
 dow" through which the electrode leads pass. I discharge
 up to 20 kJ inside this vessel and the steel lid does bend
 from the blast and has to be bent back down with a large
 hammer after firing. Of course the lid must be secured in
 place to keep it from "blowing off" and is held in place by
 2 bolts with wing nuts.

 David Rieben

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 Subject: Re: Ball Lightning Experiment - Don't try this at home

 > Original poster: "Peter Terren" <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
 > In fact I think the experimenters should not have conducted this in
 > the lab in that manner either.  They were using 5kJ without ear or
 > eye protection and apparently standing within a foot or two of the
 > discharge. That is the aspect of that photo that I find the
 > strangest.  I do many large cap bank experiments up to 5kJ. I am out
 > of the line of sight and perhaps 20 feet of more away at higher
 > energies due to exploding copper pieces that can penetrate wood.
 > Think two or three AK47 rounds being fired as the equivalent energy.
 > I always use eye and ear protection. While the energy may be
 > contained in water and the discharge is slower, the potential for
 > things to go wrong is always there.
 > Distance is your friend here and I remote trigger my bank with a 100%
 > reliable 30ft string.
 > I do all my stuff at home but safety is an issue you have to be
 > acutely aware of. Unfortunately it is an area that noobs can take
 > short cuts in and put themselves at risk.
 > Peter
 > tesladownunder.com
 >>Original poster: "Garry Freemyer" <garryfre@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 >>I see you day don't try this at home.
 >>How do I do this while not being home?
 >>So, can I go to a friends house and try it?
 >>Do I set a video camera up outside in the parking lot and drop the pellet
 >>and run like hell?
 >>I just find it funny that so many sites say don't try it at home but then
 >>tell you how to do it anyway. :)