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Re: Transformers

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 Brian, all,

   Let's see, 1.2 million customers affected by the failure of
   1,100 transformers - that would average out to approx-
   imately 1,100 customers per transformer. Obviously, the
   majority of the transformers experiencing failure were of
   the power substation variety and not pole mount or pad
   mount, single phase, distribution type, as these typically
   serve only 3 to 6 customers, each. I would imagine that most
   of California's power shortage problems stem from "higher
   up the totem pole" between the generators and the custo-
   mers, be it hydro or fossil fuel powered. As the population
   of CA continues to grow almost exponentially, this
   growth has begun to eclipse the generation capacity of
   CA's current power generation facilities. The electric
   utilities are just not able to keep up with the ever increasing
   demand and an extended and virually statewide heatwave
   only serves to further aggrevate the situation, as indoor climate con-
   trol is typically the most demanding energy need of residential
   customers and many commercial customers as well (unless they
   have a HUMUNGOUS Tesla coil to "feed" ;^)

   BTW, we had a pretty good heatwave here in Memphis last week
   with afternoon temps from 97 to 102 every day. A little better
   this week as the temps are generally staying below 95 (low to
   mid-90s is typical in late July).

 David Rieben

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   > Original poster: "BRIAN FOLEY" <ka1bbg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
   > from Verizon Central;
   > Pacific Gas and Electric says 1,100 transformers damaged by heat
   > leaving 1.2 million customers without electricity. as part of an
   > article titled "Calif. Coroners Overwhelmed by heat deaths".
   > Stay cool and make sparks! cul brian f.