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Re: Transformers

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Word from LA Times is that most of these date back to the 1920s or 30s, and could have been replaced at a cost of $1500 each.

These outages were completely avoidable, and have caused no end of headaches, not only to average users, but critical care facilities - I manage a team of engineers at one of the US's largest healthcare providers - my team is responsible for handling critical service outages that could impact the care of our patients. We've been inundated in the past month with power outages. Further, most people don't realize the misleading nature of power company impact estimates - one "customer" could be an individual, or an entire office building. By their count, three "customers" were affected in my organization yesterday - it was actually three hospitals serving thousands of patients.


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from Verizon Central;
Pacific Gas and Electric says 1,100 transformers damaged by heat
leaving 1.2 million customers without electricity. as part of an
article titled "Calif. Coroners Overwhelmed by heat deaths".
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