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SISG Update

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I have been real busy with the SISG )


I "originally" started out to make a "little" solid state disruptive coil for research use. Done now!!! )



It is perfect ))) Never changes, always there, runs perfectly consistent!!! Prolly lasts forever too!! Very precise parameters!!!

But being a "little friendly coil", it is not a big sparker... Can only jump a foot... Don't want to fry the $4000 scope and stuff...

So I guess we need a "bigger" sparker >:D

Preliminary plans are here:


A single MOT coil about 18 inches high that should do 30 inch sparks. It uses a new DC MOT charging circuit that seems cool so far:


The file is out of date in that the AC inductor is useless...

The system should scale right up!!! Like to four MOTs >:-))) The resistors cooking off power is a pain. Steve Conner is working that along with triggering )

I have determined that simply varying R4 will "never" get to first notch quenching. The voltage drop on the gate is too slow (e^(-t/RC)) and the currents needed over time or too high for the curve. No chance at all... So that will take "more"... Not much power in the gate so a 2N2222 could drop it like a rock...

Interesting that the high primary "Q" of the SISGs low loss is now being put to giant primary cap values. Primary RMS current is pretty high too!! I just stuffed in primary capacitance for power at the expense of Q figuring that everything happens "soon in the function"... That is a good formula proven over decades :-)

I fiddled some with a new SISG board. But the costs were high and Mark Dunn's boards are super fine :-))




Best to save the trouble and cash for more important stuff now... Like IGBTS in bulk ) Get the leaded versions for 1/2 price!!!!

So that is what I know.... Parts coming in this week... "Nice!!" source for "new" microwave parts here ))


(put mouse over "by Part" for lists)

I just got my stuff from them and very fast too!!!   Screw E-bay )