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SISG Testing/Waveforms

Original poster: "Mark Dunn" <mdunn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

All SISG followers:

Finally got the scope back.
Recall that I was previously getting 1000 BPS with the SISG.
Subsequently, I had managed to increase the transformer(4 MOTs)
impedence(primary side) from ~1.7 ohms to ~8 ohms by re-shunting.  In
addition, I doubled the tank capacitance from 38 to 76 nF. Both had a
significant effect judged by sound and performance.

The new waveforms are shown here:


Now getting 120 BPS which means I am firing near each charging peak.
Using (4) SISG boards or (12) circuits for a threshold 10.8 kV.

Using 680 ohm IGBT timing resistor to get the IGBT "on" time down.

Input VA ~1500
Transformer VA ~1200
Power ~800 watts

Haven't had time to re-tune accurately, but coil runs great anyway.
Need to install a vent fan for the ozone in the basement.