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SISG charging circuit topology

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Some further stuff....

I am now looking at this:


The ballast inductor before was useless. The 1k resistors are the ballast. The resistors also isolate the charging circuit from the primary during firing. The resistor value is not critical since they dissipate about 30 watts each if the value is 500 or 1k ohms. Cprimary is 333nF / 2. I am using two 2x2 MMC arrays of GE423332 caps since I have them. Each cap bank needs to be rated at about 4kV since they charge a little oddly. One side is like 3kV while the other is at say 1kV... I dropped the SISG voltage to 4500V to run the MOT below its saturation. The caps could probably be a far larger value, but I want to keep a reasonable number of primary turns.

Coil power is about 400 watts at 240 BPS. The input line current is about 5.5 amps (525 VA at 95 V in) so it is pretty efficient.

It looks pretty good, so I'll start getting parts in and building it up.



Me again ;-))

This might be a very nice SISG charging circuit topology for the SISG ;-))