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Re: Nylon nuts and bolts

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Re:  Nylon Fasteners

I have, in the past, been entrapted into the mind-set that only non-metal
fasteners are suitable for secondary coils.  In actuality, even with a fairly
hi-powered power supply, i.e., 5kVa and above, you can use iron or maybe,
preferably, brass (probably doesn't make a difference) fasteners can be used.
I've seen the action from the best (won't mention names here but that name
would send chills down your spine, just take this as gospel).  At the top of
the coil form were a series of iron screws around the coil form that went into
a 'plate' and perhaps the same at the bottom.  For the longest time (6+ years)
was totally into a non-metal fastener frame of mind until I was educated that
was totally an over-engineering effort, sort of like using 2% Thoriated
for the rotary spark gap.  I know that the thoria increases the thermionic
emissions (heat shedding) but if that bad boy is spinning at around 3600 rpm,
it's cooling itself!  Now, there's nothing wrong with over-engineering any
Tesla related conponent, just realize that the 'heart' of the tank is the
capacitor and the spark gap.  Other than that is the tuning of the primary and
the secondary (with a particular top-load).

By the way, I've found nylon bolts and nuts of many sizes at 'Home Depot', maybe
check out a few of these stores if nearby as some will have more stock than
others (I've experience in chasing down these components).

I hope that this brief summary is useful and would welcome feedback.


John F. Cooper III

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> Original poster: "Justin Kimber" <jmkimber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi, I've been to all the local places I can think of, and even looked
> at some mail order places, but I cant find a source for decent sized
> nylon components for attaching my secondary. Id not been worrying
> about it, but as I'm just finishing coating the secondary, its
> getting to the stage that I need to be thinking of mounting it and
> attaching my top load somehow. I'm in AU by the way, so if anyone out
> there can give me a decent source, or even an alternative method for
> doing the job, id much appreciate it.
> Thanks.
> -Justin