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Re: Nylon nuts and bolts

Original poster: MAJESTIC_au <forums@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Original poster: "Peter Terren" <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
I get my selection from Bunbury Plastics in Western Australia.
Easier though is to glue a 4 inch threaded PVC ring onto the base of the 4 inch PVC secondary so it can screw onto a 4 inch end cap which is glued onto the base board. Solid and easily removed for transport.

Hi Peter,
Just going slightly off topic for a moment, I very recently stumbled across this list and subscribed immediately... I spotted your iiNet addy, which happens to be my old ISP. Small world sometimes... also first time (I think?) that I've been to your site which I am enjoying immensely. So many things on there that interest me, especially the Lifters.

I am right at 'ground level' in understanding Tesla coil theory and practice, and due to my current location am not in a position to build a coil anyway... In 12 to 18 months time I will be however. Between now and then I hope to at least learn the fundamentals and learn from everyone's mistakes & advice here on this list ;)