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Re: Nylon nuts and bolts

Original poster: "Bill Wilson" <wtw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

you can order fiberglass all thread rod and fiberglass nuts thru a plumbing supply house. i have some of the rod but no nuts. if anyone is interested i could check in to it for you. i know the rod runs about $3.00 and change per foot. not sure about the nuts

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Use standard 1/4-20 nylon fasteners x 1 inch long. 4-8 pcs. Drill and tap a pice of 3/4 inch plywood endcap fitting flush into the end of the tube. Drill with a #7 drill, then tap with a 1/4-20 NC tap being careful not to overtorque the tap and damage the threads. Back the tap out and thread in the nylon fastener. Use either 4 for a small coil or 8 fasteners for a larger coil. Easy, fast, and cheap.

Nylon & fiberglass fasteners from McMaster-Carr, Chicago (check them out online & request their excellent catalog).

Sec is attached to base with a standard 1/4-20 brass rod or 1/2-13 brass rod for larger coils. Interior is covered with generous amount of GE Silicone II (Home Depot or hardware store) --- be sure to use the clear not the black version.

Dr. Resonance

Hi, I've been to all the local places I can think of, and even looked at some mail order places, but I cant find a source for decent sized nylon components for attaching my secondary. Id not been worrying about it, but as I'm just finishing coating the secondary, its getting to the stage that I need to be thinking of mounting it and attaching my top load somehow. I'm in AU by the way, so if anyone out there can give me a decent source, or even an alternative method for doing the job, id much appreciate it.