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Re: Nylon nuts and bolts

Original poster: Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

At 12:16 PM 7/18/2006, you wrote:
Original poster: "Peter Terren" <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I get my selection from Bunbury Plastics in Western Australia.
Easier though is to glue a 4 inch threaded PVC ring onto the base of the 4 inch PVC secondary so it can screw onto a 4 inch end cap which is glued onto the base board. Solid and easily removed for transport.

I've also used a cut down PVC pipe coupling (the female sleeve that goes over the pipe) to match the secondary coil form's OD. You can glue the coupling onto a baseplate that holds the primary with epoxy or similar. For a 4" diameter, a coupling about 2" high works pretty well, and because the couplings are slightly tapered on the inside, it's a snug interference fit.