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RE: Tube Sockets (4-250a)Amongst others

Original poster: "Rich & DJ" <rdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I would keep the 833 , it is a good tube for a coil and you don't need a
socket for it. If you email me off list I will email you a jpeg of a
home made set up for a 833 or a 304TL type tube , just stuff from the
hardware store , quick easy and cheep. If you still want to sell it I
can use it.
The 4-250 socket is no problem , you can use a Eimac SK-410 or a Johnson
275 socket. If you use the Eimac let me know and I can send you some
info on a mod to make the socket even better. When looking for a socket
you need one for a 4-125, 4-250, 3-500, 3-400, PL-6569 to name a few.
They are all the same socket, a very popular socket.
If you want to cool the tube the chimney is a SK-406 and the plate cap
is a HR-6. I get my sockets from local hamfest , ( electronic flea
markets )

Rich , from the middle of Missouri


Subject: Tube Sockets (4-250a)Amongst others

Original poster: Fucian@xxxxxxx

after some time, i managed to get ahold of some nice tubes for my new
vttc. The old used an 811a(cetron) which i abused with a level
shifted MOT. Produced some nice 7-8 in flames, but the tube
eventually arced over inside(from messing with the feedback coil too

Well, i jumped to an 813, then decided to keep looking. I managed to
get some 810's, but decided I wanted something else. ( I wanted to
have a nice clean tube, im very vain ;-))

I now have an 833a but was VERY surprised at the sheer size of this
thing!So, i am going to resell it. I have won an eimac 4-250a(looks
to be in GREAT shape). I have no idea where to get a socket for
this(been looking around). Any ideas?I also have a NOS eimac
4E27(neat with its uranium glass!). Where about could I find a socket
for that as well?Lastly, some 254 tubes are on their way(ive gone
tube crazy laitly).

Where do you guys get your sockets?