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Pig + Choke & other kit avb. in Washington

Original poster: Erik Byng <ebyng@xxxxxxxx>

Hi list,

I'm moving into an apartment sometime in the near future, and a 8" pig-powered system isn't going to fit (!), which leads to the following, available in Washington (Woodinville/Snohomish area):

One 15kVa single-horn pig (comes with a wheeled cart). It's been repainted flat black after rust removal, works great.

One slide choke, built for the pig. It'll bring the pig's minimum draw down to around 20-25A.

Thats the big stuff.  Small odds and ends, if anyone's interested:

Set of 15/30 NST's.

12/30 NST (depotted).

9/30 NST.

Set of three big hanging insulators (15,000lbs weight support limit, hardware is included).

Two smaller hanging insulators (5,000lbs support limit, no hardware).

One distribution standoff. ~50kV, horizontal pin-and-bolt clamping system (top), 7" threaded rod and bolt mounting assembly (bottom).

Reasonable offers accepted. Email me off list if interested, please.
Thanks guys!