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Primary holder questions?

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I am making a small 4 inch ID primary coil with 1/4 inch copper tubing stuffed into 1/4 inch thick Lexan with 1/4 inch holes and 3/8 inch pitch. The supports are little 1/4 inch thick Lexan chunks that look like this:


I figure I will just mill off the top to get that "snap in" thing ;-)) So I was wondering how much to mill off? At 1/8 inch above the center line I get, a "squeeze" of 0.2165 inch. Easy to mill that as much as I want to like 0.001 inch. Don't want to go "too" far ;-))

Any suggestions as to how far to mill the 1/4 inch holes for the "snap in" are welcome ???;-))

Since the 1/4 inch copper tube is running $1.60 per "foot" =:O I was wondering about smearing, rubbing, and generally coating it with that electrical anti-oxidant grease used in big box connections these days. Normally an aluminum wire thing, but I wonder if that grease, or some other, would help keep the copper all shinny over the years?

I also note the little coil's Rac resistance is about 150 ohms as actually measured in three ways now... That is about 100 ohms less than all the "programs" predicted... Prolly a post for a different subject line... But all is "weird" in Rac land...