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Re: small 4KV transformer, anyone?

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The high school VDGRFs were all frictional excited and delivered only 3 uA DC to the sphere. It isn't the charging current that is the problem --- it's the peak current that is delivered by the capacitance of the sphere. Typically 40 Amps off a 14 inch dia. sphere.

We run terminals up to 30 inch dia. on our VDGRF at 750 kV but we use a unique system of insulating the person from ground so he/she doesn't discharge the current directly to ground. A 30 inch sphere charged will deliver peak currents of 85 Amps for 1 usec.

I make and sell belts for VDGRFs and you don't need teflon for the belt material.

You can discuss this with me at the Teslathon.

Dr. Resonance

As they say the only stupid question is the one unasked, but I was wondering what is the largest VDG that could be built and still be considered safe (tho perhaps uncomfortable) to be hit by? I came across 400kV 10uA ones when I was in high school. Is that the "safe" limit (considerig alot of goofball kids around it)? Was thinking of using 1 of those 30" steel ball lawn ornaments I have lying around to make one whenever I can find some suitable 4-6" pullies (aluminum and teflon hard to find), just don't wanna kill myself when I go to do the hair-standing stunt.

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Just rectify it. That's all you need to spray a VDGRF belt. We use 5 kV, 2 mA xmfrs to spray belts up to 30 inches wide when rectified --- it only takes 200-500 uA with a 30inch wide belt and only 100 uA DC with a 6-8 inch wide belt. See our model HV-750 (750 kV DC 30 uA output) at our website www.resonanceresearch.com.

Dr. Resonance

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Had trouble downloading the catalog so couldn't find out if those things are used with esternal rectifiers. Any idea? I have a unit which appears identical - picked it up at a swap meet years ago. It was supposed to have come from a Xerox machine. I think with a voltage multiplier it would be neat for charging VDG belts.