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Re: small 4KV transformer, anyone?

Original poster: "Mike" <mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

As they say the only stupid question is the one unasked, but I was wondering what is the largest VDG that could be built and still be considered safe (tho perhaps uncomfortable) to be hit by? I came across 400kV 10uA ones when I was in high school. Is that the "safe" limit (considerig alot of goofball kids around it)? Was thinking of using 1 of those 30" steel ball lawn ornaments I have lying around to make one whenever I can find some suitable 4-6" pullies (aluminum and teflon hard to find), just don't wanna kill myself when I go to do the hair-standing stunt.

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Just rectify it. That's all you need to spray a VDGRF belt. We use 5 kV, 2 mA xmfrs to spray belts up to 30 inches wide when rectified --- it only takes 200-500 uA with a 30inch wide belt and only 100 uA DC with a 6-8 inch wide belt. See our model HV-750 (750 kV DC 30 uA output) at our website www.resonanceresearch.com.

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Had trouble downloading the catalog so couldn't find out if those things are used with esternal rectifiers. Any idea? I have a unit which appears identical - picked it up at a swap meet years ago. It was supposed to have come from a Xerox machine. I think with a voltage multiplier it would be neat for charging VDG belts.