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Re: Tesla coil for wireless data transmission?

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


At 03:06 PM 8/20/2006, you wrote:
Hi,  I joined the list just to see if anyone has done any work, or
knows of any attempts to use tesla coil technology for transmitting
wireless data?

Yes, it is commonly known as radio. Tesla is generally credited for discovering radio while Marconi really made it "work". The subject is now generally avoided here since it is really not about Tesla coils as we know them. There have been discussions in the past (usually "very repetitive") that can be found in the archives.


Try "wireless transmission" or "wireless power". The subject tends to fly all off-topic...

Although Tesla also was trying to create a world energy transmission system without wires, "we" generally believe that would not have worked at all... Lots of discussion in the past about that which you can go back and read...

Related questions:

What is the smallest functional tesla coil size?

These are the smallest working ones I know of:



Can a tesla coil be built with such specs that it could be used with
mobile computers without damaging them, yet put out enough energy
that data could be trancieved over a wide distance?

Tesla coils and computers don't mix well. There are probably far better solutions like these:


Could it be used both as a power source and a data connection, so
that a laptop could be powered and have an internet connection?

Probably not. Tesla coils put out 100,000s of thousand of volts and current fields (short distance) of say 500 amps typically in short pulses of energy. But they are not the thing a laptop would like at all let alone a human nearby too. Tesla coils tend to "burn up" a LOT of power too... "Not" efficient...


Probably did not help much... You may want to get a look at many Tesla coils like those here:


Generally not "office friendly" devices ;-))