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Re: Tesla coil for wireless data transmission?

Original poster: <davep@xxxxxxxx>

> Hi,  I joined the list just to see if anyone has done any work, or knows
> of any attempts to use tesla coil technology for transmitting wireless
> data?
   radio works fine.
   Spark gap coils are noisy, would have slow data rate.

> Related questions:

> What is the smallest functional tesla coil size?
    As small as shosen.
    secondaries an inch or so long have been described.
     Such are inherently low power.

> Can a tesla coil be built with such specs that it could be used with
> mobile computers without damaging them, yet put out enough energy
> that data could be trancieved over a wide distance?
   (How wide is wide, numerically?)

> Could it be used both as a power source
   A 'Tesla Coil' is a power user, rather than a power source.
   It would drain the battery faster.

> and a data connection, so
> that a laptop could be powered and have an internet connection?
   Unless whole new physics be invented, of which there is no sign.