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Re: Streamer Vs. Strike Distance Factor.

Original poster: Gomez Addams <gomezaddams@xxxxxxxxx>

On Aug 16, 2006, at 8:09 PM, Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Hi All,

I was working on the newer version of ScanTesla today.  Adding
elevation and temperature to the streamer length stuff...   So us
folks in Colorado won't have a 20% streamer length advantage
anymore >:o))

I can't help wondering where this alleged streamer length advantage
comes from.

It comes from the math and the "scientific side".  I simplify the
equations to just "linear" functions derived from things like this:


For terrestrial stuff, air pressure and temperature are just "line"

When I designed coils for Dream Park Corp (which later
morphed into "DiaboliCo" - they were selling them to Haunted Houses)
we routinely received calls from customers at low altitude
complaining that the streamer length was too long, and wanting to
know how to turn it down.  None of them read the owner's manuals,

Hahahahahhaaha! ;-))

(required adjusting the spark gaps, as we did not
include variable transformers in any of our coils to keep costs down)

After many of these calls, I found that our customers at lower
altitude were routinely getting much _longer_ streamers than we were
in Boulder!  I assumed it was due to altitude, but never really had
the opportunity to test it out.

I heard you mention this once and ask this list about it.


It was thought that the real effect was at the 'spark gap' raising
the 'firing voltage'.  If we raise the firing voltage 20% then the
'coil power' goes up 44%.  But the output arc is a SQRT thing so we
are back to 20%

But that would imply we should have been able to obtain the same
performance our customers were getting simply by adjusting the spark
gap to a higher firing voltage for the local absolute air pressure.
That wasn't the case.

Then the output arc should 'also' be suppressed... 20%...  So a net
0% increase in streamer length from Boulder to New Orleans....  A
mystery exists there...

Anybody got access to a room sized altitude chamber?  :D

Martin has one.

You mean the big space simulation chamber?  I've stood right next to
it, I used to work at Martin.  But somehow I don't think they'll let
us use it.  :)

I got "connections", but the coil would have to be soaked in
acetone or something so as not to contaminate it all up...  But we
don't need it....  The SISG is super line power friendly, easily
run off a UPS portable supply.  Extremely reproducible and stable
electronics.  Here in Colorful Colorado we can just "drive the land
yacht" from 5300 to 12183 in an hour or so.

Worth doing, but not the same as driving from 5280 to 0!

 - G.

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