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Re: Large Series Gap Results

Original poster: "Teslacoil Workshop" <workshop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

My 2 cents...

I haven't had any success with adding a series gap to a rotary over 20kVA.
It just seems impossible to cool even with 100psi air-cooling systems.

The coil we used for one of our Fear Factor episodes (Halloween 2005) used a
fixed gap and a 100psi air supply in series with the rotary. Minute long
runs at 15kVA were about the hardest we could run the gap. We have since
redesigned the rotor for 20kVA+ power levels and have bypassed the static
gap. I just had our summer intern mill cooling slots into the stationary
electrode holders so we can give it another try at higher power levels.

Note to Terry; Can we post photos to this board yet?... How does that work?
Should I just post to my website and reference here or should I place things
at Hot-Streamer?

Jeff Parisse

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Subject: Large Series Gap Results

> Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Hey guys,
> I tried the gap tonight and had mixed results. I had several arcs to the
> primary about the third of which killed the cooling fan on the back of the
> series gap. I went ahead and ran the system without the fan and it seemed
> do okay.
> I tried out my new camera tonight also and had great results with it. You
> can see the coil in action here:
> http://www.teslauniverse.com/members/cprince/images/DSC00011.JPG
> The lone arc to the engine hoist at far left is somewhat over 12 feet.
> of the arcs to ground are about 11 feet.
> The output seemed better with the series gap, but I had more arcs to the
> primary with it. I tried adjusting the tuning, but that didn't seem to
> a lot of difference. Is it time to ditch the flat ribbon primary and go
> a spiral out of copper tubing with a guard ring? I guess I could fashion a
> guard ring around the ribbon primary.
> I have a 10A EMI line filter I could put on the cooling fan. Do you guys
> think this would help? I have one more fan, but I need to put precautions
> place to prevent burning it up.
> Thanks again for the input,
> Cameron