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Re: Large Series Gap Results

Original poster: "Steve Ward" <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>

If you dont mind the ugly looks, fans from microwave ovens are
basically indestructable as its just a coil of wire on a core.

I would keep the ribbon primary (i think it looks great) and just add
a strike ring if you are concerned.  Also, are you running with or
without a breakout point?  If you do have a breakout point, i found
that a wire that extends out over the top of the toroid produces
sparks that tend to travel further horizontally, and dont really
bother the strike ring.  This was crucial for me to get 12' strikes
with my DRSSTC system that is only about 7' tall.  I hardly ever get
hits to the strike rail, and mine is raised up about a foot (conical
primary).  You have to take advantage of the local field shaping
provided by the toroid, and send those streamers on their way out ;-).


On 8/12/06, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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I would associate the increased primary strikes with
an increased output. One thing that I just realized
about your coil that I hadn't really considered before
is that you don't have a strike ring with your coil.
Of course a strike ring can also attrack streamer hits
itself but it's better for the hits to go directly to
RF ground than directly into the primary coil.

Also, I've learned that every motor on the coil side
of the main line filter needs its own seperate small
line filter to keep from burning it up with the kick-
backs. A line filter at the input of the fan motor
should keep the fan motor from burning out. Of course,
direct hits to the primary coil don't help the matter,
either ;^)

David Rieben

David Rieben

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Date: Friday, August 11, 2006 10:15 pm
Subject: Large Series Gap Results
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 > Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxx>
 > Hey guys,
 > I tried the gap tonight and had mixed results. I had several arcs
 > to the
 > primary about the third of which killed the cooling fan on the
 > back of the
 > series gap. I went ahead and ran the system without the fan and it
 > seemed to
 > do okay.
 > I tried out my new camera tonight also and had great results with
 > it. You
 > can see the coil in action here:
 > http://www.teslauniverse.com/members/cprince/images/DSC00011.JPG
 > The lone arc to the engine hoist at far left is somewhat over 12
 > feet. Most
 > of the arcs to ground are about 11 feet.
 > The output seemed better with the series gap, but I had more arcs
 > to the
 > primary with it. I tried adjusting the tuning, but that didn't
 > seem to make
 > a lot of difference. Is it time to ditch the flat ribbon primary
 > and go with
 > a spiral out of copper tubing with a guard ring? I guess I could
 > fashion a
 > guard ring around the ribbon primary.
 > I have a 10A EMI line filter I could put on the cooling fan. Do
 > you guys
 > think this would help? I have one more fan, but I need to put
 > precautions in
 > place to prevent burning it up.
 > Thanks again for the input,
 > Cameron