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RE: Single 833A VTTC

Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi John,

> Those are very nice results that you've obtained.  I assume the
> 17amp draw is with the staccato turned on.  It's possible that
> positioning grid coil further away is helping to maintain the straight
> sword-like sparks while in staccato mode.  Anything that helps
> to maintain straight sword-like sparks (as opposed to fuzzy
> flame-like sparks) will help to give longer sparks for a given
> input power.  Hopefully others will also try your method of placing
> the grid coil far from the primary.

Yes, the staccato is on, but at a pretty high frequency. I believe that the
one poster on the Tesla list is correct when he said the grid leak is purely
capacitive as adjusting the rheostat seems to make hardly any difference
other than increasing current draw.

I'm going to hook my scope up to the grid and see what I can learn by moving
it up and down on the form. I did notice that when I reverse the connection,
I am more likely to get arcs to the secondary. My guess is that the primary
is coupling energy into the grid coil and making it a second secondary in
this case.

I'll keep you posted.