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Re: secondary question

Original poster: "Glen McGowan" <glen.mcgowan@xxxxxxxxx>

I have the same question. Lowes / Home Depot seems to carry alot of the cellcore PVC in smaller sections which is conveinent. But the Drainage PVC comes in huge 10 foot sections that don't usually fit in the grocery getter. I've read as thin as you can get it but It would be nice to see an expert opinion.

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Original poster: "Drake Schutt" <<mailto:drake89@xxxxxxxxx>drake89@xxxxxxxxx>

hey all,

I've now assembled most of the materials I need to build my first
tesla coil.  I used teslamap57 to design it, and ive never heard of
anyone on-list using this.  Is it accurate and reliable?  I am going
to wind about 1000 turns of 26awg wire on 3.5 OD pvc pipe.  the only
problem is that it is pretty thick-walled and its called like
cellcore or something like that, basically insulated i guess.  Will
this cause problems?  Also, will it enhance the performace of my
soon-to-be coil if i clean, sand, and coat my secondary form before i
start winding it?  Also, if my secondary has an OD of 3.5in, then
what should the diameter of the hole in the primary be?

any help appreciated as always
-dr. drake

seconday(hopefully) 17inx3.5in=999 turns of 26awg