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Re: (New?) Member...

Original poster: steve date <sdate@xxxxxxx>

Welcome back Jeff,

It's been a while and I am looking forward to reading your comments once again!

BTW: is there a way we can purchase a copy of the DVD?

Steve - seattle

Original poster: "Teslacoil Workshop" <workshop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear Tesla List,

My name is Jeff Parisse and I'm with kVA Effects
I've been absent from the list for a couple of years and now I'm re-subscribing from my workshop computer to rejoin the group and help out however I can.

My firm just finished our tenth anniversary and we have released a limited edition DVD. A MPEG1 version of the introduction to the DVD, for your enjoyment, can be found at:


Perhaps in the future, Terry and I can work out a way to make the entire DVD available to the TCML.

Thanks, I look forward to reconnecting with all of you.