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secondary question

Original poster: "Drake Schutt" <drake89@xxxxxxxxx>

hey all,

I've now assembled most of the materials I need to build my first tesla coil. I used teslamap57 to design it, and ive never heard of anyone on-list using this. Is it accurate and reliable? I am going to wind about 1000 turns of 26awg wire on 3.5 OD pvc pipe. the only problem is that it is pretty thick-walled and its called like cellcore or something like that, basically insulated i guess. Will this cause problems? Also, will it enhance the performace of my soon-to-be coil if i clean, sand, and coat my secondary form before i start winding it? Also, if my secondary has an OD of 3.5in, then what should the diameter of the hole in the primary be?

any help appreciated as always
-dr. drake

seconday(hopefully) 17inx3.5in=999 turns of 26awg