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Re: Streamer colour

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Mike,


The data at:


Is the first "real" data I have seen about Bob Golka's coil!!

I made some "fast" calculations (might have messed up :o)).

The primary coil and cap appear to tune to ~40kHz with a 78uH primary. Bang energy is 387 J!

The primary to secondary coupling is about 0.44

The secondary alone tunes to about 72.3kHz at 17.62mH and 335pF of Medhurst capacitance.

The third coil comes in at 16.5mH, 89pF and 131.4kHz.

When the secondary and third coil are combined, they tune down to 41.6kHz to nicely match the primary. The break rate could have been up to 400BPS given the generator's spec.

The top voltage, given losses, would be right at 1MV.

This all matches well to the photos and such! There have been many tails about the coil, some exaggerated :-) But his data clears up a vast number of questions!!

Many thinks for finally giving some real facts about this wonderful coil!! Everyone who was there said it was spectacular!! Now we know why ;-))



At 01:07 AM 3/28/2005, you wrote:
Hi Paul,
I got some ACCURATE data here for you, new pictures, coil specs
and so forth regarding the Wendover coil and you may download them. I had Bob
Golka get me these pictures from his paper file archives and confirmed the numbers.
Also, as the pictures show two turns on the primary, but the print for the coil shows
one, Bob confirmed that this is because the two primary turns are actually in parallel.
I added this information in text on the print picture file. Primary and secondary windings
are 51 feet in diameter, the primary used MCM 600 wire, the secondary used # 4 AWG
wire with 26 turns and the extra coil used wire # 6 AWG, 100 turns on 8 feet diameter,
and 8 feet vertical winding.
The extra coil was connected to the secondary with 50 feet wire and could operate inside
or outside the primary /secondary winding, as it was impulse driven.
The file group you want for pictures / print all begin with Wendover_ in this file area, you
already have the one of the whole coil.
To get the data, visit www.hot-streamer.com/mike2004/ and the file names say what they are.
Hope this helps,

> I looked at the photo of the Wendover coil and I would like to know more
> about it. Can you direct me to more information about it? The scale > looks
> huge in the photo. Do you know of any photos that show the scale of the
> coil? Thanks.
> Paul Brodie
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> > Hi Finn,
> > I saw this earlier but waited to confirm the "in person"
> > not on film observations of color.
> > Based on streamers being to the air and arcs being to ground or > another
> > hard near ground target, your
> > colors are confirmed. Tonight I asked Robert Golka, very pointedly in
> > terms of to air and to ground,
> > about the colors. The pink/blue, being the N21P and N21N band head
> > indeed are for streamers.
> > The very hot ground strikes, very bright and hot, are the strikes.
> > A picture is here of that Wendover ~100 KW coil. As you may know, he
> > watched and worked it for years.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Mike
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> >>Original poster: Finn Hammer <<mailto:f-h@xxxx>f-h@xxxx>
> >>
> >>all,
> >>
> >>In my book, streamers terminate in the air, arcs terminate in a > ground
> >>connection.
> >>
> >>I have never seen a streamer that was not purple/pink.
> >>Only the whimsiest feeble arsc were anything other than white/blue.
> >>(And the arcs from Steve Connors OLTC were the fiercest ones of them
> >>progressively whiter, thicker and more luminant towards the ground > rod)
> >>Am I missing something? Has anyone ever seen a white hot streamer, > and
> >>mean _seen_ as opposed to seen a picture of.
> >>
> >>Cheers, Finn Hammer