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Re: Streamer colour

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


For the sake of fairness, I had to reject a post were apparently Bob Golka directly denies this post of DC's in a colorful way...

I will not allow the thread since it would just be a slapping match, but I did think it had to be mentioned that there is "disagreement" to DC's comment...



At 05:21 PM 3/27/2005, you wrote:

Golka couldn't get it working properly.  Bill Wysock tuned it and got it set
up properly.

Dr. Resonance

> I looked at the photo of the Wendover coil and I would like to know more > about it. Can you direct me to more information about it? The scale looks > huge in the photo. Do you know of any photos that show the scale of the > coil? Thanks. > Paul Brodie