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Solid State Tesla Coil

Original poster: "Alexander Turkin" <alex_3@xxxxxxx>


My name is Alexander Turkin. I'm writing from Ukraine. I'm fond of
physics. That's why I decided to build my own Tesla Coil. I decided to use Richie
Burrets circuit. So I have some questions about constructing Tesla Coil. I want
to build a Solid State Tesla Coil. So, please answer my questions.
(All the questions are concerning Richies SSTC)

1. How do I make less the number of burned MOSFET's ?
2. How do I tune the circuit? And if I make everything correctly for the first
time, dose it still need to be tuned?
3. What is a layout chart picture (wiring layout)? Please, send it to me, if
someone have it.
4. Is it possible to use IRFP460 as a power transistor? Or STW15NB50 is
better? What other MOSFET's can I use there?
5. Can I use something else instead of MUR1660CT ?
6. There is a photo of PCB on his site. There are 4 IC's, named "MOSFET drive
IC's", but they aren't in the circuit. There is only one IC (TL494). What are
7. In Richies circuit there is a resistor "10R". It means 10 ohm or 10 kohm ?
8. How do I wind a transformer? All the wires should we wound to the same
9. Can I use another primary and secondary coils? Can I change the sizes of
10. What power does the whole device use? Can I plug it to the socket?
11. Can I touch the device after turning off? Or I should discharge the
12. Does the secondary coil need to be in resonance with the primary?
If doesn't, but I'll make it in resonance what will happen?

Well, that's all.