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Re: bipolar coil design

Original poster: "Peter Terren" <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Yep it's a leaf blower all right. 5kW in my ARSG box makes the tungsten rods real hot.
Info on my site. If it doesn't link make sure the address has not been "doubled up" as happens often on this list.
Peter (Tesla Downunder)

Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Nosy Paul again. Is that a leaf blower I see on the ground with a tube running under the coil to, dare I say, a RSG?
Paul Brodie

> Original poster: "Peter Terren"
> There is a breakout point on both sides to direct the arcs laterally to
> help compose the photo better.   This coil is a little different to the
> usual in that I use a double relatively large toroid, run at a very high
> break rate of 1400bps, and use the spark gap in series (rather than the
> more conventional parallel) with the main supply.  No primary strikes > and
> no racing arcs. Top toroid is 12 x 29 inch aircond ducting.
> Peter (Tesla Downunder)