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Re: bipolar coil design

Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Nosy Paul again. Is that a leaf blower I see on the ground with a tube running under the coil to, dare I say, a RSG?
Paul Brodie

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> Original poster: "Peter Terren" <<mailto:pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> There is a breakout point on both sides to direct the arcs laterally to
> help compose the photo better. This coil is a little different to the
> usual in that I use a double relatively large toroid, run at a very high
> break rate of 1400bps, and use the spark gap in series (rather than the
> more conventional parallel) with the main supply. No primary strikes and
> no racing arcs. Top toroid is 12 x 29 inch aircond ducting.
> Peter (Tesla Downunder)
> <http://tesladownunder.iinet.net.au>http://tesladownunder.iinet.net.au
>>Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <<mailto:pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Now that is one humongus toroid!!! In the picture with two toroids
>>stacked, is that a sharp object sticking out on the right side of the top
>>toroid where the spark starts? Just how big is that top toroid?
>> > You can avoid primary strikes by use of a second smaller toroid below > the
>> > main one. They have a marked "shaping" effect on the direction of
>> > With single toroid: <http://tesladownunder.iinet.net.au/T6_5ft.JPG>http://tesladownunder.iinet.net.au/T6_5ft.JPG
>> > With second toroid: <http://tesladownunder.iinet.net.au/Tesla_7ft.JPG>http://tesladownunder.iinet.net.au/Tesla_7ft.JPG
>> > Peter (Tesla Downunder)
>> >
>> >>Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <<mailto:gary.lau@xxxxxx>gary.lau@xxxxxx>
>> >>Never having built a bipolar coil I can't comment based on experience,
>> >>but powering it by two 15/60's sounds like major overkill. I should
>> >>think the primary would be an unavoidable target with such power.