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Re: Tesla coil Parts and plans

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

The #26 AWG will work fine. I would go perhaps 22.5 inches on the height (winding length).

It will be a good performer so be sure to install a few acrylic disks inside
the top and bottom of sec --- approx 3-4 inches up on each end.  Silicone in

Sounds like a good plan.

Dr. Resonance

> Gary,
> Thank you and Dr. Resonance so much for your input and advice. I was
> beginning to think I wasn't going to get any comments at all. I suppose
> guys get a little tired of answering the same old questions over and over
> again. Believe me, I have done considerable research on this, including
> reading volumes from the archives. Although most of my questions get
> answered this way, many times the information in the archive doesn't
> directly address my area of concern.
>  From what you have said, I plan to use the 2 Maxwell .03 mF caps in
> for .015 mF. I had been leaning this way and I am greatly relieved that
> concur. I feel sure that between being rated at 35 kv and advertized as
> designed for pulse discharge use, they should withstand the rigors of a
> SGTC of this size.
> I will go ahead and start out with the 3 inch diameter toroid and get some
> 4 inch or larger for later use. The stuff is inexpensive enough to
> experiment a little.
> I have quite a bit of 4 inch PVC. I can easily build a taller secondary. I
> haven't wound it yet, just prepped the PVC. You said you would go 21" or
> longer. How much longer? I read a thread in the archives that suggested
> that 1500 turns is some kind of "sweet spot" for 4" to 6" coils. What is
> your opinion on this? I have over 3 lbs. of 26 AWG magnet wire so having
> enough wire isn't a problem.
> I guess that pretty much sums things up for now. Thanks again and I'll let
> you know how it turns out.
> Paul Brodie
> Think positive
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