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capacitor noob question

Original poster: Devon Ferns <dferns@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm about ready to build my first coil now. I've talked with a guy that has built a few coils before and he suggested using a neon transformer that is used to power those neon lights underneath cars. I'm not sure what the voltage output of these are yet but say 10kV or something.
He also suggested I go searching for a bunch of used disposable cameras to get the capacitors out of them. They are rated at around 350V or so with 50uF.
This made me wonder about the voltage rating. Is it fine to string say 29 or 30 of those together to get up to 10kV rating? How do you go about setting up the capacitors? I think that the capacitance of these isn't exactly right for what I need anyways but I'm more concerned with the voltage ratings. If I hooked up 1 350V cap to 10kV wouldn't it just blow to bits?

The highest rated cap I could find was only 2.5kV at 2.2nF which for the size of the coil I want to make is about what I need, but not the correct voltage rating.