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Re: bipolar coil design

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

If your bipolar design uses only one sec coil, not two separate coils, then be sure to leave a 3 inch space in the center of the sec. Each sec coil should be approx 1.5 inches "above" the primary coil, so if your pri is in the dead center, then a 1.5 inch space should be allowed from the edge of the pri coil (plane measurement) to the first turn of each sec coil.

This allows proper coeff. of coupling for best performance.

The optimum polar design would be 1,400 turns each side of the pri
(centerline).  With a coil this small this would require #28 or #30 AWG
heavy formvar or polythermalize wire.

Dr. Resonance

> > I'm new to the list and have been collecting information and parts to build > a tesla coil. > I am planning to build a bipolar coil. > > My current specs are looking like this: > > Secondary- 20 Awg wound 56" on a 6.25" pvc form, approx 1700 turns > Primary- 6 turns .25" copper tube flat spiral 4.5" id, 8" od at center of > secondary > Hv Supply- 2x 15kV 60mA NST (parallel) > Cap- .03uF 45kV pulse capacitor > Topload- 2x 6" aluminum dryer duct 30" diameter toroid, 1 on each end 4" > from secondary windings. > > Secondary frequency- 112.76kHz > Primary- 232.96 kHz > > I used javatc to do the calculations. If you want to see the complete > output let me know. > > Any ideas? > > Thanks, > Lee K. > > > >