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RE: O-Scope for tesla coil use

Original poster: "Ralph Zekelman" <gridleak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I would grab onto that Tek 535 and give it a good home.
The 535 is good to 11 mHz which is more than enuff for
coiling. A good text for Tek scopes is Stan Griffiths' Oscilloscopes.
Stan has a useful web site somewhere. A search for Tektronix should
get you there.

Ralph Zekelman

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Subject: O-Scope for tesla coil use

Original poster: Rich Simpson <richcreations@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Everyone,
I was offered a scope from a friend who just got a new one, I currently
not have one.

The scope is a Tektronix 535, it is a huge analog tube scope that came
the U.S. navy.

Would this scope be at all useful for tuning coils, etc?

Where could I find the specs, or a manual for this scope?

I know it is very old, but it does work, and it is free to me.

Should I take it, or pass it up?