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Re: O-Scope for tesla coil use

Original poster: Jerry Chamkis <jchamkis@xxxxxxx>

On Monday 21 March 2005 07:48 pm, Tesla list wrote:

> The scope is a Tektronix 535, it is a huge analog tube scope that came from
> the U.S. navy.
> Would this scope be at all useful for tuning coils, etc?

You bet!  It's much harder to fry the circuitry than a solid-state 'scope and
it will make a great heater in the winter!  :-)

> Where could I find the specs, or a manual for this scope?

Google around- you should be able to find a free download with a little
patience.  It would also be helpful to have access to a tube tester as the
tubes do have a finite lifetime.  However, the design is so conservative that
it will still function reasonably well with rather weak tubes in most of the
sockets.  Some of the tubes are going to be a little pricey and / or hard to
find now.  Check out your local hamfests and ebay for tubes.

> I know it is very old, but it does work, and it is free to me.
> Should I take it, or pass it up?

These are superbly built laboratory instruments-  just from a by-gone era.  It
will likely continue to run for decades with just a little routine

Jerry Chamkis