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Re: capacitor noob question

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"The capacitors in disposable cameras are small electrolytic caps which
are polarized meaning they will not take AC and will explode if you
try and use them in a tesla coil..."

	I picked up several (they had a bushel at least on the way to the
dumpster) at the local drug store yesterday.  They use 80 ufd, 300 V
capacitors marked "PHOTO" and charge to almost exactly 300 volts with
the 1.5V AA alkaline cell in them.  I'm not sure whether these would be
suitable for filter capacitors, but of course they can't withstand
reverse voltage at all.

	Those flash boards look so useful it's hard to throw them away!
Simplest of simple circuits, draw quite a bit of current (about 150 ma)
even when the capacitor's charged, but still intriguing.  Must be
awfully cheap to make.