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Re: capacitor noob question

Original poster: Chester Lowrey <hilo90mhz@xxxxxxxxx>

The capacitors in disposable cameras are small electrolytic caps which
are polarized meaning they will not take AC and will explode if you
try and use them in a tesla coil...

I recommend making an MMC capacitor with these capacitors:
part number: 942C20P15K
Value: .15uf 2kv Foil and metalized film construction.

10 of them in series for 20kv will give you a bullet proof capacitor
with a value of .015uf or 15nf and you cant beat the price.


On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 08:20:03 -0700, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Original poster: Devon Ferns <dferns@xxxxxxxxxxxx> > > I'm about ready to build my first coil now. I've talked with a guy that > has built a few coils before and he suggested using a neon transformer that > is used to power those neon lights underneath cars. I'm not sure what the > voltage output of these are yet but say 10kV or something. > He also suggested I go searching for a bunch of used disposable cameras to > get the capacitors out of them. They are rated at around 350V or so with > 50uF. > This made me wonder about the voltage rating. Is it fine to string say 29 > or 30 of those together to get up to 10kV rating? How do you go about > setting up the capacitors? I think that the capacitance of these isn't > exactly right for what I need anyways but I'm more concerned with the > voltage ratings. If I hooked up 1 350V cap to 10kV wouldn't it just blow > to bits? > > The highest rated cap I could find was only 2.5kV at 2.2nF which for the > size of the coil I want to make is about what I need, but not the correct > voltage rating. > > Thanks > Devon. > >