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Re: Need information on this device . . .

Original poster: Edward Wingate <ewing7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Brian, all

Not that complicated. :^)

I should have mentioned in the original answer that the machine is to test your capacity (pun intended) for taking an electrical current which involves your threshold of pain. You hold on to two metal knobs and turn one, which slowly increases the voltage to the highest level of pain you can stand which is indicated on the machine.

Ed Wingate RATCB

Original poster: "Brian" <ka1bbg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi, not sure since the picture is dark, but if that is a keyboard at the
bottom it might be Enigma a machine used to break the code used by the
Germans in ww2.  cul brian f.
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> Original poster: "Mccauley, Daniel H" <daniel.h.mccauley@xxxxxxxx> > > > Need some information on this antique device . . . > I believe Harry Goldman brought this particular device to the 2003 > RATCB. > Anyways, looking to find more specifics on the device, if there is > anywhere that these > can be purchased still (as collectible of course), dates, manufactuer, > etc... > > Thanks > Dan > > http://www.easternvoltageresearch.com/ratcb2003/bigimages/236-3696_IMG.jpg > > >