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Re: Need information on this device . . .

Original poster: "Matthew Carlson" <mjc8804@xxxxxxx>

Excuse me for being Naive, but what is it?

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Original poster: Edward Wingate <ewing7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Tesla list wrote:

>Original poster: "Mccauley, Daniel H" <daniel.h.mccauley@xxxxxxxx>
>Need some information on this antique device . . .
>I believe Harry Goldman brought this particular device to the 2003
>Anyways, looking to find more specifics on the device, if there is
>anywhere that these
>can be purchased still (as collectible of course), dates,


The device is definitely an antique and I suspect that most of the ones

that were built have long since been relegated to the scrap heap.
an original could be a daunting task.

I had the "pleasure" of trying the device while visiting Harry and Ruth
couple years ago. At the time, Harry removed the cover to reveal the
components which consist of nothing more than a vibrator, restate and
standard automotive ignition coil powered by a single "D" cell. The
is connected to one of the handles.

I have no idea who the manufacturer was or the date. I suggest you
Harry for that information. Given the simplicity of the circuit, one
be constructed in a fairly short period of time. The hardest part would
duplicating the cabinet.

Ed Wingate RATCB