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RE: TC potential measurements

Original poster: "Denicolai, Marco" <Marco.Denicolai@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello all,

> Marco now seems to have achieved the real "holy grail" and
> has a system going that can directly measure TC output
> voltages at high bandwidth without loading down the coil oddly!!!

Yes, I am writing a paper about my probe and I will also create a decent
web page about my results.

In a nutshell, my probe has got:

- 2.7 m clearance (means the probe is 2.7 m long!)
- 1.6 Mohm, less than 1 pF loading
- useful bandwidth from DC to about 10 MHz
- max input voltage about 600 kV

Not really something you can hang in your garage, but still something
anybody can build with acrylic tube, epoxy glue and distilled water (and
a good amount of patience).