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RE: Wireless transmission of power - Oh the Humanity

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Dave,

Sorry... But while the vote is going on for the "wireless power transmission" thread, I think it is best for the voters to see "all" that it brings...

I have only cut about 6 posts on Toby's credentials that was way off topic (not "juicy" stuff, but rather dull "credential" definitions...) and a few on the price/cost/tax of TV in England. "I" got rid of my TV a few week ago - and I don't miss it!! ;-)))

This subject seems to go so personal and mean so fast... That's why it always ends up being a mess and getting killed.... First they were attacking Toby for being involved with the circus or something, then they got mad at folks for not respecting Tesla's more i'll conceived ideas, now it is Dave's religious beliefs or something.... Next they will start to blame "me" for "everything" :o))))) Hey!! Your starting that one aren't you :o))))))))) And I don't think "I" have posted once on the issue!! It always seems to play out the same way every time.........

Too bad since Tesla "goal" for Tesla coils was wireless power transmission. But in my term as moderator, it never has seemed to go anywhere useful and is by far the #1 headache thread... I normally only kill say 1 in 200 posts coming in. 99.9% of the time, everyone is really good :-)) But this topic needs either "massive" moderation, or just totally killing the thread all together... But that just causes more problems...

Thus was the reason for the vote. Only <24 hours left now!!! So those that have not voted had better get on it!!

So...  I ask for a vote!!!


Should the topic of "wireless power transmission" (and it's closely related subjects) remain 'on-topic' for the Tesla list. Or, should we no longer accept the subject of "wireless power transmission"?

To vote:

[ ] Yes - Accept the subject of "wireless power transmission" on the Tesla list.

[ ] No - Don't accept the subject of "wireless power transmission" on the Tesla list.


Votes should be sent to:


or, the votes can be sent here to the list (they will not be forwarded to the list).

Voting ends late Friday the 18th when I will give the exciting results!



At 05:50 PM 3/17/2005, you wrote:


Are you going to allow this kind of b*******?  Daniel makes it sound
like that is the introduction to the theory.  It was taken out of
context from a discussion on a science/religion site.

Why would you let something like that pass through?


> -----Original Message----- > From: Tesla list [mailto:tesla@xxxxxxxxxx] > Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 5:32 PM > To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx > Subject: RE: Wireless transmission of power - Oh the Humanity > > Original poster: "Mccauley, Daniel H" <daniel.h.mccauley@xxxxxxxx> > > (Regarding Dave Thompsons "Secrets of Aether" Book) >"My > work is referenced, well-reasoned, and based on >empirical > data." - Dave Thompson > > Here is a quote (by Dave Thompson) about his "Secrets of > Aether" Book from his website. > > *************************************************** > What the theory does show is that: > > there is ONE God, > that this one God gave rise to all physical existence, that > all physical existence is really not physical at all, that we > are all equal, that there was life before birth and therefore > also after death, and that mind exists in 5 dimensions while > the body exists in only 4. > Of course, the theory shows much more than that. But what we > see emerging is a neutral paradigm resembling more of the > peaceful mystic's teachings, rather than the violent > teachings of the victorious warlord. > > That is one of my most favorite observations about the Aether > Physics Model, and why I decided to share it with the world. > The Aether Physics Model is science that encourages world > peace, whereas the present mass/energy paradigm was developed > during war and encourages only bigger and more dangerous > weapons of mass destruction. > > The Aether Physics Model not only meets the needs of all > scientists, but it also leads the masses in the direction of > peace. How could it be otherwise? A physics that shows the > physical Universe descends from the Mind of God is a constant > reminder of our enlightened heritage and encourages people to > find a way to best get to know this God. > **************************************************** > > After an introductory statement like this, how can anyone > take this as serious? This guy claims that his work is > referenced, and based on real-world empirical data and > presented in a quantitative way, but come on. Do you see > anything like that in this introductory statement? Please. > Lets end these threads on free energy and wireless > transmission of power. > > Dan > >