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RE: Wireless transmission of power - Oh the Humanity

Original poster: "Mccauley, Daniel H" <daniel.h.mccauley@xxxxxxxx>

(Regarding Dave Thompsons "Secrets of Aether" Book)
>"My work is referenced, well-reasoned, and based on
>empirical data." - Dave Thompson

Here is a quote (by Dave Thompson) about his "Secrets of Aether" Book
from his website.

What the theory does show is that:

there is ONE God,
that this one God gave rise to all physical existence,
that all physical existence is really not physical at all,
that we are all equal,
that there was life before birth and therefore also after death,
and that mind exists in 5 dimensions while the body exists in only 4.
Of course, the theory shows much more than that.  But what we see
emerging is a neutral paradigm resembling more of the peaceful mystic's
teachings, rather than the violent teachings of the victorious warlord.

That is one of my most favorite observations about the Aether Physics
Model, and why I decided to share it with the world.  The Aether Physics
Model is science that encourages world peace, whereas the present
mass/energy paradigm was developed during war and encourages only bigger
and more dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

The Aether Physics Model not only meets the needs of all scientists, but
it also leads the masses in the direction of peace.  How could it be
otherwise?  A physics that shows the physical Universe descends from the
Mind of God is a constant reminder of our enlightened heritage and
encourages people to find a way to best get to know this God.

After an introductory statement like this, how can anyone take this as
serious?  This guy claims that his work is
referenced, and based on real-world empirical data and presented in a
quantitative way, but come on.  Do you see anything like that in this
introductory statement?  Please.  Lets end these threads on free energy
and wireless transmission of power.