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RE: Wireless transmission of power - Oh the Humanity

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Dave,

At 09:19 PM 3/17/2005, you wrote:
Hi Terry,

We all owe you a debt of gratitude.  You are not moderating just any
kind of list, but a highly focused, science-based discussion group.
We hear about perceived injustices in the peer reviewed journals all
the time.  It must be even harder when you are the only "reviewer" and
everybody knows who you are.

Not really, I work hard at this hobby and stuff blows up in my face (for real!!) all the time. So I have a good grasp of "what really counts" ;-))

Also, when an emotionally charged issue arises, the volume of posts
rises dramatically.  It is unrealistic to expect you to give up your
family life and research time just to read every single post, every
single day of the year, for several years on end.

The volume is small compared to the 100+ post/day's of the past... But the "total picture" about what is going on with the list is all important. We have gone though times of many new comers, dull times, fast times... Constant change!!

It just burns me that some people forget the burden they are placing
on you by inflaming the list with non-scientific and emotionally
charged views.  (By the way, I didn't expect for my post with the
"b******t" word to get through.  I should have flagged it for
private.)   And like you pointed out, ultimately you will be the one
turned to.

Right now.... We all need to see all things "for what they are"... No worries about "me" since I have not been condemned to be the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Castro.... for years now :o))) I am most like Castro, without the beard....

It seems possible that people on this list could act more mature and
be more responsible with their right to post.  There is nothing wrong
with disagreeing with someone and debating the scientific points of a
Tesla coil related theory by throwing equations, references, and
experiments at each other.  But purposefully taking comments out of
context just to smear someone should result in some kind of direct
response to remind the person that flaming isn't allowed

It is sort of hard... Many come "on board" claiming many things for various reasons... In the end they are all "found out"... But I can't limit those "this guy is BS" posts without "legitimizing" the BS... I can't stop emotions or true feelings without changing the "truth". If some "whacko" post something, I can't stop the "this guy is whacked" posts else I cement in the whacko's point of view... I note we all wait like vultures to shred the new "glory seekers"... In many cases, you all have to fight it out yourselves ;-))) But if some new "prize fighter" wants to "take on" the Tesla list, "I" will not stop the resulting blows... Sorry, but if you start a fight, you will get a fight... If you are a jerk, the moderator will not "protect" you...... When vary rarely needed, I will be the one to finally annihilate you...

Wireless transmission isn't the only thread that excites passion on
this list.  As I recall, even the discussion of inductance equations
can cause quite a ruckus.

Gosh!!! I guess I missed the exciting "inductance equations" ruckus :-))) Were they throwing "pi" in each others faces and stuff :o)))

The problem isn't the topics, but the
people discussing them.  Yes, there are many old-timer engineers and
scientists on this list who fully know the bounds of the peer reviewed
science.  But there are also many experimenters and researchers here,
too, who are trying to push those boundaries.  It seems the list
should remain flexible enough to allow for new discoveries, yet
restrained enough not to lose the scientific method.

You, Dave, are in the higher 99% of those that actually try really hard to back up your "different" views. Your work is truly above the rest!!! But there is a very real "resistance" to any "outside" points of view... Sorry, "I" can't fix that. But the truth will win given due time...