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Re: Wireless transmission of power

Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear NON-PROFESSOR Performer name: Toby Ballantine,
I must strongly protest your usage of the long honored term "Professor",
as in when you made your initial post, it clearly did not say that this was a stage name.
This was signed and I assume, respected /accepted by the list members that you in fact
legitimately held that title. There is no honor in this action.
For those who have earned this title, you take it's value away from them.
Further along in the message thread, while your gross mis-use of that title was pointed
out, it became clear that you could not possibly be of this standing. You have
simply learned to make ozone, giving me the impression you have breathed in too much.
Liking and respecting Tesla and his work is a good thing, that I agree.
This list is about a technology, lots of old, lots of new, both lots of fun.
I can see that in addition to playing with coils and spinning cardboard turbines,
you also spin interesting tales.
For the future researcher who may move the old ideas forward, you add to
what negative bias already exists. Sawing a coil into 2 parts is not evidence.
Perhaps they never will move forward. Putting coil shows on is good, it is
a form of support for the science, though if it were me, I would do so at no
cost to the public; A look at the web site indicates a science-for -a-fee.
Whatever, that is your business. Pretending to be a Doctorate by inference
and by omission of your stage name usage, using the term professor and
expecting to receive the respect it commands, in a technical area like this
I take to be an insult to the other readers on the list. I respect both sides
of the energy transfer debate, mainly because I respect the people.
Who is right or wrong or status pending is not so important, respecting
the list is. In the end, people will go in the direction they feel is right.
Coming on as a fraud, however, is not right. In my state, using the title
of Doctorate, implied by the professor usage, without being so, is a crime.
Wish you were here,

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Original poster: TCBal@xxxxxxx
In a message dated 3/15/2005 2:38:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
Hi All,

     The deliberate avoidance of quantitative detail in this reporting
makes it unreproduceable unverifiable, and unsubstantiateable; ergo
useless, even if true. To me, this has the faint aroma of the stuff peddled
by sideshow barkers, evangelists, and other con artists, but perhaps it is
just "clowning around" for the effect, which would not be unnatural,
considering the source.
     As has been said before, (ad tedium), "Extraordinary claims require
extraordinary proof." Until that happens, it must go into the file with the
National Enquirer headlines and the twelve other guys with big shoes and
rubber noses who really do come out of the old VW Beetleoil

Matt D.

Gee For Golly sakes Matt...be nice...OK, ok...I will just dry up and blow away before your very eyes...Now, as for the rest of ya....lol...TCB Tesla coil builder (hows that? better than perfesser?