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Re: Wireless transmission of power

Original poster: TCBal@xxxxxxx

I must strongly protest your usage of the long honored term "Professor",
as in when you made your initial post, it clearly did not say that this was
a stage name.
This was signed and I assume, respected /accepted by the list members that
you in fact
legitimately held that title. There is no honor in this action.
For those who have earned this title, you take it's value away from them.
Further along in the message thread, while your gross mis-use of that title
was pointed
out, it became clear that you could not possibly be of this standing. You have
simply learned to make ozone, giving me the impression you have breathed in
too much.

Dear Mike. Please calm yourself. Insulting others doesn't make you any more correct. I have no website. Don't know what you are referring to. Something the matter with money? This is not a club, it is a nation. What do you do for money? Should I disparage your profession?
Please don't be upset. Calling people names is worse than putting perfesser in front of my name.
Take er easy pal. and a gratuitous insult or two to you, too.
Professor Toby Ballantine at your service.