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Re: Wiring the entire circuit

Original poster: "Harold Weiss" <hweiss@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ben,

For your wiring questions:

#1-2  Use #14 GTO 15KV neon sign wire.

#3-4 I use #4 welding cable (600V) with plenty of spacing. On my new 6", I connected one side of the capacitor to the inside of the primary, with the other side going to one side of the gap. The other side of the gap is the tap lead. Both of the above NST connections went to each side of the gap.

#5 I normaly use the magnet wire that the coil is wound with. I usually leave about 18" of wire on the top end for the toroid connection. On a new 3" coil I'm working on, I'm going to try using #18 stranded hookup wire. In any case, it should make about 1 turn on its way up to the toroid. I use a screw and capnut thru the web on the toroid for the termination point.

#6 Yes to both. RF ground should be separate from power ground. I have my coils built to use either type. With the primary connected to the secondary, a streamer hit would be DEADLY! Keep them separate.

#7 Correct. It should have a gap. As far as I know, the gap only needs to be wide enough to prevent arcing. 1 1/2" should be more than enough for most NST coils.

Original poster: "Medina, Benjamin (UMR-Student)" <bamxbb@xxxxxxx>

For the NST I am using what type of wire/strap/clamp is recommend:

1. From the secondary side of the NST to the Capacitor?
2. From the secondary side of the NST to the spark gap? (This connection
goes to the stationary electrodes?)
3. From the Capacitor to one end of the primary coil? (Is it connected to
the tap turn?)
4. From the spark gap to the other end of the primary coil? (Is it
connected to the inner turn?) And from where in the Spark Gap does the
connection have to be?
5. How is the toroid connected to the top of secondary? Materials used for
6. RF Ground ­ base of secondary connected with the ground of the NST and
the strike ring? The primary is not connected to the secondary since the
transfer of energy occurs as a result of coupling, correct?
7. The strike ring shouldn't have both ends connected (soldered) correct?
Are there any rules as to the spacing between both ends?

Sorry for the lengthy email. But thanks for your time and


Ben Medina
Rolla, MO.