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Wiring the entire circuit

Original poster: "Medina, Benjamin (UMR-Student)" <bamxbb@xxxxxxx>

TO: The Tesla Coil Mailing List

Hello Again. Thanks to everyone for their responses to the post I made a two weeks ago on 'Advice on Primary'. This is for my senior design project which is due by MAY but our goal is to start testing ASAP and then modify our design to enhance the performance of our TC. We are at the point of connecting the entire circuit but before I go into that I want to tell you about our primary.

I decided to go with notches instead of holes. It took about 7 minutes to wind the copper tubing through notches. I had my partner holding the roll of copper tubing and I was snapping it on each notch.

We first mounted the 4 supports to the plywood and then started snapping the copper tubing (inwards to outwards) as my partner gradually moved the roll of copper tubing (in a CW direction). It's hard to describe in words. BUT, honestly, it was VERY EASY. I thought it would be a nightmare. I will show you the images later on. We got 13 turns so we will splice another roll of copper tubing to this end to get a total of 15 turns.

We are using a 15 kV / 30 mA NST and a RSPG (using a 1/6 hp asynchronous motor with a variac) similar to the setup shown below:


For the NST I am using what type of wire/strap/clamp is recommend:

1. From the secondary side of the NST to the Capacitor?
2. From the secondary side of the NST to the spark gap? (This connection goes to the stationary electrodes?)
3. From the Capacitor to one end of the primary coil? (Is it connected to the tap turn?)
4. From the spark gap to the other end of the primary coil? (Is it connected to the inner turn?) And from where in the Spark Gap does the connection have to be?
5. How is the toroid connected to the top of secondary? Materials used for this?
6. RF Ground ­ base of secondary connected with the ground of the NST and the strike ring? The primary is not connected to the secondary since the transfer of energy occurs as a result of coupling, correct?
7. The strike ring shouldn?t have both ends connected (soldered) correct? Are there any rules as to the spacing between both ends?

Sorry for the lengthy email. But thanks for your time and suggestions/assistance.


Ben Medina
Rolla, MO.