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Re: New to List

Original poster: Gregory Hunter <tesla_39560@xxxxxxxxx>

I've got a pretty good list of terms, acronyms, slang,
abbreviations, etc., on my web page at:


It is somewhat out-of-date, as I have not added the
newer terms related to solid-state coiling.


--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie"
> <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hello All,
> I am relatively new to coiling and brand new to this
> list. Should I
> inadvertently violate etiquette, please excuse me as
> I have never
> participated with a list before. As a little
> background, I have a BS in
> Computer Science and am self taught as far as
> electronics. I have read many
> books on ac/dc electricity and electronics. I built
> a couple of Heathkits
> about 25 years ago and I have built a simple DC
> power supply and a low
> wattage stereo amplifier. That about sums up my
> knowledge and experience
> with general electronics. I have been reading about
> Tesla and Tesla Coils
> avidly for several years with the idea that I would
> ultimately build my own.
> I have been reading this list for a couple of weeks
> and I have a couple of
> simple questions. You tend to use a lot of
> abbreviations I'm not familiar
> with. Is there a list of abbreviations and their
> meanings somewhere? What
> do VSWR, pfc caps, DRSSTC(I get the Tesla Coil
> part), and MMC caps mean? In
> all the reading and research I have done before
> coming across this list,
> the only types of coils were spark gap and tube.
> Now, from what I have been
> reading, there are new solid state Tesla Coils.
> I have Walt Noon's Tesla Coil Designer software and
> I have George
> Sinkhaus's pamphlets. BTW, I have read Cheney's
> biography of Tesla.
> I have been accumulating parts with which to build a
> spark gap coil with a
> 4.5 inch secondary coil. I recently purchased 2
> Maxwell .03mF 35 VDC pulse
> discharge caps. I decide not to build my own
> aluminum and polyethylene cap.
> Walt's design software recommends .0212 mF of
> capacitance for the coil I
> want to build. What are the consequences of using
> too much capacitance,
> .03? Will it change the tuning frequency?
> Sorry for the long winded post. Any and all help
> will be tremendously
> appreciated!!! One last question. I have read much
> about Richard Quick's
> coils and understand that there is a video of his
> coiling exploits. Does
> anyone know how I can obtain a copy of this video?
> Thank you.
> Oh yes. Please excuse the large type size. I'm
> legally blind and I need the
> large type to see what I'm doing. I use a magnifying
> glass to read the list
> but it is awfully hard to type while holding a
> magnifying glass. {:-)
> Paul Brodie

===== Gregory R. Hunter